September, when moms really start the New Year


I look forward to every September as the start of my new year.  As the seasons change from summer in the fall, I start greeting the shorter days with more and more excitement – and this year is no exception. This year is the start of all of the new things that we can possibly imagine. Many of us are starting in-person school, many of us hybrid and so many of us are at home.  Regardless of the difficult choices, we have had to make for our families, we need to remember to take time for ourselves too. Its the perfect time to celebrate the real mom’s new year. 

This year, I have decided that I am going to make me a priority. 

It’s not that I wasn’t before, but a happy mom is a mom that has more of herself to give to her family – the right way.  For the last few months, we have all felt like we have been running on empty.  I went from an on the go lifestyle to being constantly at home with my children – and in our family, its just me, no husband, and no family that is close enough to help.  To say that I was completely overwhelmed would be an understatement. We are all there.

overwhelmed mom

A few months ago, when we found out that in our county would be completely virtual, I knew that for our family something had to change.

Everything about our family screamed overwhelm and I knew that it all starts with me. 

I have started getting rid of all the junk.  Slow and steady wins the race.  I am not doing too much at one time and I stop when I need to.  I also have been somewhat sneaky, and have donated or thrown away many, many well-loved toys that the boys have either outgrown or broken.  Virtual learning has helped me organize their room in a way that is not only nice but functional.


I have started working out 2 days a week with a personal trainer.  You wouldn’t know it to look at me, but I was a professional athlete for many years and all this baby weight has got to go! And by baby weight, my baby just turned 9 this summer so its time. I also have upped my step game and started drinking more water (this is totally my least favorite change, but it is good for you right?)

drinking water

Weekly Family Meetings

We have family meetings on Sunday nights – which also means a family meal.  We had gotten away from that since around May and more often than not I let the kids come and go as they please.  I grew up on a farm where we went out to play in the morning and only came home for lunch and dinner and stayed out well past the time the lightning bugs came out.  While there would be no football or too many friends this summer to have adventures with, at least they could have adventures with each other. Sigh.

family meeting

During the meeting, we will cover schedules and assignments.  With a son heading into high school and another headed to the 5th grade, I imagine it’s going to be a tough year.  Having each other to be our own cheerleaders is going to be crucial – and I am here for it. Let’s face it, no matter what district or school your child goes to, there are tons of apps, downloads, and passwords to go along with education this year having the time once a week to discuss our lives and hopes for the future will be helpful.  I am excited about this time together and I hope this is one of the things that they remember from this year and is important.

Love your skin

Maskne is a thing. Raise your hand if you’ve had it and been frustrated by it.  You are raising your hand, aren’t you? In order to make it less of a thing, I must take better care of it.  Yet another reason for the water.  Maybe one day I will like just plain water, but even watching the water episode of “Down to Earth” has not made that happen. I also don’t eat gluten, and I like to think that helps.  I am currently obsessed with products from Old Mechanicsville Health Spa.  Not only are they local, but they have their own line and tailor the products specifically to you. (I have really sensitive skin, so having a consultation with someone who didn’t have a sale quota to meet is really important to me.) I have definitely seen a decrease in blemishes and seem to look less tired and wrinkly.

Invite your children into a gratitude practice

Every day, no matter what, I start the day thinking of 3 things that I am grateful for. Sometimes they are big things, like getting a new client, and sometimes they are little things like smoothies.  It can be anything really.  My children this year will take place in this practice and I am hopeful that they will be happier as they notice all of the things around them to be grateful for.

gratitude journalA new school year is a great time for another great start to a new year.  Let’s put all of this past year behind us. A new year can start whenever you choose it to, and for me, September sounds like a perfect time to start.

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Emmie Croxford
Emmie Croxford is a single mom to three amazing boys: Hunter, Ryder, and Ben. With two boys on the autism spectrum, every day is an adventure. Emmie was an original founder of comedy troupe, Jester's Ink, and has toured throughout the country empowering women through comedy as well as providing various workshops in the corporate and non-profit sector for over 2 decades. She is currently working on her book, “Life of a Messy Mom.”