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bi-racial family

That Time I Thought My Grandma Might Be Racist

I am a Black woman. I am a Black woman with a White mother. I am bi-racial. I am a bi-racial Black woman. I have ALWAYS known I am Black. I have always known that...

Tangerine Essential Oil – A New Mom’s Best Friend

Tangerine essential oil is regarded as one of the safest essential oils. It is one of the few that can be safely used by pregnant women and can be beneficial for children as young...
Bottle feed

The Pressure to Breastfeed and the Guilt When it Didn’t Work

When my daughter was born I had no idea the pressure I would feel to breastfeed her and the intense guilt and shame that would come when it didn't work out. To be honest I...
bowl of lemons

When life give you lemons – Our beautiful blended family

It wasn’t until these last few years that I started paying closer attention to families. Families come in all forms, and the idea of a nuclear family has always been rather naïve if you...
Summer Parenting

How Summertime Can Motivate Us to Keep Our Eyes on the Goal of Parenting

Summer is here, and our thoughts and expectations go to what we long for summers to be: Sips of tea on a hot day— Sitting by the pool— Lingering in the evenings catching fireflies— Listening to thunderstorms roll...

Our New Partner – Tame Your Tiger Brain Training

Struggling with meltdowns? 0-60 emotions in seconds? Poor organization? Difficulty concentrating? Sensitive to sounds? The Tiger may need some taming.  When someone’s tiger is out of control it makes someone feel powerless to their emotions and...

Life as a Blended Family: From a Family of Four to a Family of...

To be honest, it wasn’t overnight, nor was it unexpected. But it turns our worlds upside down for a minute every summer, nonetheless. No, I'm not talking about having a third baby. I’m a stepmom. My...

A Reminder of Purpose Amidst Exhaustion

I stumbled off the plane delirious from emotional and physical exhaustion; poured myself into my car for the forty minute drive back to my sweet, very much missed children and husband. I pulled into...

Foster Parenting: We Were Made For This

Last night I cried myself to sleep with my husband next to me telling me it would be ok. This morning I woke up, tissue still by my pillow, and pulled myself and my...

Even Goldfish Need Swim Lessons – A Local Family-Friendly Approach to Water Safety

Our guest post today features Goldfish Swim School. Here’s a startling fact to consider: According to the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for children ages 1 to 4. A child can...