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Creative Ways to Celebrate Spring’s Arrival

Have you been waiting for you spring? If you are like me you are counting the days until spring arrives in a few weeks week (March 20th to be exact) and can't wait for the...

Potty Party Time: The 3-Day Potty Training Method

First, let me start by saying I am not a potty training expert. I am simply a teacher-mom who refused to be is that mom. And when I first heard about the 3-day potty training method,...
prepare for fireworks

11 Ways to Prepare Young Children to See Fireworks

Some young children love fireworks. Others are terrified. Some young children are fine with large crowds. Others are overwhelmed. And it's hard to tell how yours will react until you go. But there are things...

Guide to Richmond Area Preschools & Junior Kindergarten

Some of the most common inquiries we receive include recommendations for Preschool and Junior Kindergarten options in the Richmond area. The Richmond Mom Collective Team’s children are a diverse mix of public, private, and...

The Official Richmond Mom Collective Summer Camp Guide is Here!

Richmond Mom Collective is thrilled to launch our 2021 in-depth guide to local summer camps for children of all ages in the Richmond metro-area.  Below you will find details on FEATURED summer camps happening around...

Guide to RVA Free Summer Fun: Anytime!

Here at Richmond Moms Blog, we're working hard to bring you FREE summer fun activities here in the RVA. No matter the month or weather, here are some fun activities the whole family can enjoy....
Richmond Parks

The Richmond Moms Blog Guide to Parks and Play

It's always a good time to find a nearby park or pick a new one to explore! Richmond and the surrounding metro area is anything but lacking when it comes to a great park...

How we Holiday: Kim, Tara & Aditi

With a chorus of voices at Richmond Moms Blog, we all celebrate the holiday season a little differently.  On this post Kim, Tara & Aditi share their families favorite Christmas traditions.    Kim The day after Thanksgiving...
2018 Holiday Guide

Ultimate Holiday Guide to Events in and Around Richmond 2018

  Its here! The Ultimate Holiday Guide for Events in and around Richmond this holiday season. This year's guide is full of events for the whole family.    To make it as easy as possible for you...


I have a just turned 13-year-old son. The title and this information should tell you all you need to know about the current love hate relationship with Fortnite that my wife and I share....