Marcie Shea is Richmond native currently living in the WestEnd. She is a mom to two young children, wife, dressmaker, former physics teacher, breast cancer survivor, and joy chooser.

Top Secret Mom Info

Top Secret Mom Info: That peanut butter and jelly sandwich you’re making? It’s edible with the crust on. No, really. It's possible for anyone of any age to eat a crusted sandwich. As moms, we're experts...

Lessons from a Hit and Run

Last week on the way to the pool, the kids and I were rear-ended in a hit and run. Before you worry your pretty head, we are all fine and the minivan is still...

5 Things to Practice the Summer Before Kindergarten

It’s July. Next comes August with September hot on its heels. And with September comes the first day of school. For some, it will be the very first day of school. Starting kindergarten is exciting...

Making Your House Work: How to Pick the Right Paint

Last time, I shared creative ways to add color to your house. Now that you have inspiration, you need some paint. But all paints are not created equal. The Basics of Picking Your Paint Oil or...

To the Other Mom in the Bleachers: I’m Not Keeping Score

My son is a lot of things – kind, smart, funny. Notice that athletic didn’t make the list. He doesn’t even fall in the “sports are really hard but I’m going to keep trying with...

Making Your House Work: Adding Color

I want my house to reflect who I am. And I am, well, colorful. I love bright happy colors and splashing them around where I live. I grew up in a Victorian neighborhood in Bon Air...

Grace and Honesty When Your Kid is in the Wrong

As soon as he got off the bus yesterday, I knew that something was off. On the 100-foot walk home, I could already sense there was something my son wasn’t telling me. I started...

From Surviving to Thriving – The Chart That Saved Our Summer

Summer is here and I must make a confession. I hate summer. As a former teacher, it might be blasphemy, but I really do hate summertime. The lack of routine and months of blank calendar give...

Making Your House Work: Design Compromise with a 6-Year-Old

When I was pregnant with each of my children, I meticulously designed their nurseries, carefully curating and handmaking everything. I dreamed of who they will be and tried to reflect that in their rooms...

The Family Table: Eating Gluten Free

For millions of families in America, eating as a family requires taking allergies or dietary restrictions into account. For my family, that means gluten-free meal planning. May is Celiac Awareness month. Celiac is an autoimmune...