Kaira is a Richmond native who has ventured beyond the city and state quite a few times, coming back in between living elsewhere and this latest time settling in RVA with her husband, nine-year-old daughter, and two dogs. A big Someday Goal she has tackled is creating a business she loves that helps other business owners remove someday off their calendars and work towards those lofty goals today. When not working, Kaira enjoys creating mixed media that conveys our many layers that fit together so nicely. She also enjoys connecting with others via creative conversation over a tasty caramel or vanilla latte.
No Birth Plan Selected

I Chose Not to Have a Birth Plan, Yet Planning Became Necessary

I resisted a birth plan because I didn’t want to be set on the way things would go when I really didn’t have much control over the process. If my plan went awry, I...
The Four Agreements Book Cover

The Book That’s Made Me the Best Mom and Woman I Can Be

Are you a mother questioning her own purpose beyond this hat of motherhood? Are you wondering how to work through that question while also being the best mom you can be? New agreements need to...
Story time with our children is more than the books we read and has it's own phases.

Story Time Then Vs. Now: Tell Me More Stories Mom!

The transition of story time has been pretty cool when I stop to think about it. It follows a circle of life pattern actually. The beginning... When my daughter was in the womb, I'd sit in...

In search of happiness or fulfillment?

"If you achieve all your goals, you will be happy!" That’s what I was told as I grew up. I achieved all the goals: became a college athlete, graduated college with honors, moved out of state, obtained...