Heather Rae

Heather Rae is a stay-at-home mom and part-time technical coordinator who taught high school history for over a decade. No matter the work, she has always loved writing and reading, preferably with a cup of tea or a glass of wine. When she’s not busy keeping two small children alive or working with technology, Heather enjoys yoga, volunteering, and texting with friends. She has fallen in love with Richmond after moving here three years ago and enjoys exploring the city with her husband and kids.
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Moms, If You’re Tired of Social Distancing, Read This

Okay, here we are in a completely new world from a month ago, even a few weeks ago depending on where you live.  And let's be honest, it's a crazy world that none of us...

The Best Parenting Podcasts and YouTube Channels

Do you listen to podcasts? When I polled my mom friends, we were all over the map - some like myself, listen daily, while others have rarely or never listened.   If you are in...

When Mom Is Grieving Too: How to Talk to Young Children About Death

I know, a super fun topic to talk to your kids about, right? If I could have avoided it, I would have,  but four years ago in January, my Mom (their grandmother) died. Last year, I wrote...

Don’t Panic: The Secret To Teacher Gifts

Oh no, how is it the middle of December already? Do you have your teacher gifts ready? If you're anything like me, you are so incredibly grateful for those marvelous souls who somehow not...

Is It Possible To Have Balance As A Mom?

I was recently talking with a friend who has two young children about balance. She mentioned that she had just gotten a chance to get back to some of her favorite creative pursuits after a...
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How To Meet Other Moms in Richmond

Three and a half years ago, I moved to the Richmond area with my husband and almost three-year-old son. We knew no one under the age of 90 and I was six months pregnant with...

Parenting Advice That Will Encourage You

Nothing can prepare you for parenting.   Before I had kids, I was that annoying person who talked about having kids using a pros and cons list. Bless my heart, I didn't have much of...

Why I Didn’t Write That Blog Post Today

I am the primary caretaker of two small children and have a part-time job.  End of story. Seriously, though, here's what happened. I woke up with a great idea for a blog post - I...

5 Easy Ways To Add Joy Around Your House

Quick, Momma, what things bring you joy? Maybe your kids, maybe a spouse or significant other, maybe a job or chocolate or flowers or yoga. Whatever your answer is, it tells you something about yourself....

Finding Your Kids’ Currency – What Motivates Them?

I’m not a psychologist (although I am certified to teach psychology), but I love to study human nature. Eleven years spent teaching teenagers and talking with their parents will give you a great chance...