Emmie Croxford

Emmie Croxford is a single mom to three amazing boys: Hunter, Ryder, and Ben. With two boys on the autism spectrum, every day is an adventure. Emmie was an original founder of comedy troupe, Jester's Ink, and has toured throughout the country empowering women through comedy as well as providing various workshops in the corporate and non-profit sector for over 2 decades. She is currently working on her book, “Life of a Messy Mom.”
Thriving Through the New Year - A Single Mom's Guide - Richmond Moms Blog

A Single Mom’s Guide to Thriving through the New Year

Congrats Mama! You've made it through the holiday season, 2020, and you're into the new year. Last year is behind you, and you're headed to the next part of your adventure. Here are 5 ideas...

Easy Tailgate Meal for the Mom on the Go

Tailgating – what a great time to get together with your friends to celebrate your favorite team – or just the camaraderie of families of all ages, together, having a great time!   I have...

New baby…now what?

For every parent, whether you’re caring for your first baby or your seventh, there’s bound to come a moment when you wonder “Now what do I do?” Our friends at KinderCare have 50 years...
Football is more than a game

Football is more than a game it’s a family

Richmond in the fall is a wonderful place. Cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon – fall brings on so many activities. Pumpkin patches, apple picking, scarves, warm coffee, and FOOTBALL. It’s the...
Choose the right Preschool

Choosing the Right Preschool

“Is my child ready for elementary school?” It's one of the biggest questions moms ask as we make educational decisions for our little ones. If you’re the parent of a young child, or children, chances...
Make moving a breeze

Make Moving a Breeze

Whether relocating across country our across town, moving can be overwhelming.  As moms, we are not only responsible for the packing and arranging, but we do it all while managing an active household. We...

Nanny Tax?

One of the most important decisions that we make as mothers is that of the care of our children.  Often its complicated.  Do we stay home? Do we go back to work? A little of...

Montessori Magic

Montessori enrollments are on the rise and it is no wonder.  Often described as magic in the classroom, Montessori taps into the way children learn best. Developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician,...

Sending Joy – tips for creating a great piece of mail

As the year goes on, many of our New Year resolutions typically fall off one by one. One of the resolutions I made this year, was to send more written correspondence.  I was so...

Bloom 2019 – 10 reasons to get out with the girls

If you have been following RMB for a while, you know that Bloom is one of our favorite signature events of the year. Its something that we look forward to hosting and this year is...