Deanna Seymour has called Richmond home for over 15 years. In the past two years she got hitched to her awesome husband Matt, gave birth to her baby girl Ruby Jean, and decided to leave teaching art full time to focus on her photography career. She's super passionate about empowering kids through portraiture with Wild Design Photography, and couldn't be happier about the path that she's on. When she's not hanging out with other people's kids, you can find her chillin' with her own family, sneaking in some reality tv, or eating at one of the amazing restaurants Richmond has to offer.
Fails Make the Best Memories - Richmond Moms Blog

Fails Make the Best Memories

So I've been thinking a lot about failure and what I consider a #fail. With all the beautiful crafts, decorations, cookies, and homemade this and thats, it's easy to get sucked in and feel like,...
The Dreaded Mom Haircut - Before

The Dreaded Mom Haircut

So I did it. I got all my hair chopped off. You know, cause I'm a mom, and that's what us moms have to do eventually right? I was nervous about it because I had...
Ahhhhh! Halloween!


  Here's the thing: Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday. But let me tell you, Halloween is a very close second. You can just ask my husband about all the bins with decorations in the...
Fun Football Food

{Pinterest Round Up} Fun Football Foods

  Some people love football, some don't. Some people love the Steelers, ( and some don't. But one thing we can all agree on loving is snack foods! Football season means appetizers galore, and that's something...
My Husband Just Got His Driver's License

My Husband Just Got His Driver’s License, and I’m Going Back to High School!

It's crazy how having a kid can really change up your priorities. My husband and I have both made changes this year that I don't think either of us saw coming. Now that we have...
How to Love Your Body: Stop Hating It

How to Love Your Body :: Stop Hating It

So I had my daughter over a year ago, and the baby weight is still hanging around. I’m not surprised since I haven’t done anything to get rid of it. I’ve been a little...
Pop Punk Dad

Pop Punk Dad

I married a punk. Matt Seymour is my husband and Ruby's dad. He’s been playing music around Richmond for almost two decades. Anyone who knows him knows that he loves making music, going to shows,...

Deanna’s Birth Story – Not According to Plan

Let me start by saying that I'm a planner. I love a plan. But if there's one thing I learned about birthin' a's that it doesn't always go according to plan. I watched the documentary...

An Easy Way to Organize Snapshots On Your Phone

Almost all of us have smartphones, which means we have a camera within arms reach at any given moment every day. It also means we have the ability to photograph our kiddos all day,...

The First Three Months Are Terrible!

Before I had my daughter lots of people gave me advice, but this one stuck with me: "The first three months are terrible." It stuck with me because even though people warned me that...