A native Virginian, Chris spent the first part of his career teaching at the elementary and middle school levels. Inspired by his students, he coordinated fundraisers that helped shed light on the challenges they were facing. After several successful events, it led him out of the classroom and into the non-profit world. More than six years later, Chris draws from his experiences as an educator, a father to four boys and a loving husband to lead the Relationship Foundation of Virginia. The Relationship Foundation of Virginia, formerly First Things First of Greater Richmond, recognizes that the strength of our community and the future of our city lies in the health of the family. When our families and relationships are healthy, life is richer and more fun. Without strong, lasting relationships, life can be harder, feel emptier and lead to more challenges – not only for us, but for our communities. As our name suggests, Relationship Foundation of Virginia is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to building the fundamental element of strong communities: healthy relationships and families.
valentines day advice

3 Pieces of Advice to Moms from a Dad This Valentine’s Day

Picture this.  You and your loved one feeding each other strawberries while sipping on champagne in front of a fire. It is the perfect evening! It also only happens on the Hallmark Channel.  In...
5 Love languages

The 5 Love Languages – A Dad’s Perspective

As many of you know, once you become aware of something, you tend to notice it everywhere.  Well, I have been up to my eyeballs with Dr. Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages for...

Top 3 Reasons Your Husband Will Want to Go to a Marriage Seminar

In my line of work, I see all types of relationships. When I encourage guys to take their wives to a marriage class, they shudder.  If this is the reaction from me, imagine the responses wives...

Dad’s Corner: Let’s Get Back to Celebrating Dads

This past weekend, dads were recognized for all they do with their families.  A lot of cards, cookouts and cold beverages all around. As I sat down after spending time with my family and...

Summer and the Screen

As we approach break, my wife and I talked about what we were going to do with the children this summer. We talked about camps, vacation, the pool, etc. As we discussed, a common...

Dad’s Corner: Boxed Mac and Cheese with Love

I love to cook. It is my way of showing love. Taco salad… a big hug.  Grilled chicken with vegetables… a big smooch. Italian, Greek, Mexican…. hugs and kisses all around. Nothing makes me feel...

Dad’s Corner: Weekend? What Weekend?

As I was heading out for the weekend, one of my coworkers said to enjoy my few days off. I replied with ‘my weekends are busier than my weeks.’  As I was thinking about what...