Crystal is a lifelong Richmonder and mother of two girls. If you wonder how deep those RVA roots go...she was born at MCV, graduated from Mills E. Godwin High School, is a VCU alumna, and got her masters from Union Presbyterian Seminary. While attending seminary, she met her husband while working at the church where he grew up. This RVA gal is the is co-founder of The 91 Rewind, which she started with her childhood friend Erica. She hopes that her writing, both here and at The 91 Rewind, will help you take a moment to catch your breath, hit rewind, and try again. We can be far too hard on ourselves and we all deserve love and kindness, but we often forget to share it with ourselves. Crystal believes treating ourselves well sets the example for how we care for others. When Crystal is not chasing after pink, purple, and sparkles, I mean her daughters, you can find her working as a financial educator, investing in her community, enjoying local restaurants, blogging it up, and connecting with folks on social media (Instagram's her favorite).

Swimming Our Way Towards Summer

Water safety is not something often thought of in the middle of winter, but it's honestly one of the better times to begin thinking of it. We started my oldest in swim lessons in...

What’s for Dinner? Charcuterie Night!

I have a confession... I’m not a fan of cooking. Here’s the problem with that confession. I'm a mom, which means I have children that always want to be fed. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and...
Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning 101

To say that 2020 has been a year of school like none other, would be a major understatement. To say that this has been the worst year of school ever, might be a little...

7 steps to help your child get a job

I have shared before how my goal as a parent is to raise a person, and part of that process is getting our children to support themselves. Children can bring immense joy to our...

daylight saving time, I’ll beat you one day

Every single year, we go through a Godforsaken time change. Supposedly this is supposed to help the farmers, but I’m convinced this is to torture parents. I dutifully make note on my calendar that...

Dear Valentine’s Day, I Kinda Hate You

Dear Valentine’s Day, I kinda hate you. I’m sorry to be so harsh, but I’m trying to be honest. You are this day that masquerades as a day of love and goodness, but you make...

a new opportunity to make your self-care a priority

It is a new year, which means it is a new opportunity to make your self-care a priority. If you have read anything from The91Rewind, you know that this is a very important topic...

How we Holiday: The Parkers share their Holiday

With a chorus of voices at Richmond Moms Blog, we all celebrate the holiday season a little differently.  On this post Social Media Manager, Crystal shares with us how the Parkers experience Christmas.  Growing up,...

Elf on the shelf, I kinda hate you

Elf on the shelf, I kinda hate you. You were not invited into my home, but you’ve tried to bust your way in like an uninvited party guest. Frankly, I don’t appreciate it. Long before...

Surviving the Poopocalypse

You know what they say about best-laid plans? Well, things did not go as planned this week. I had time set aside after packing for my business trip to put the final edits on...