Cheryl Lage is a freelance writer/editor, a part-time video post-producer, and a full-time wife and Richmond mom. In addition to Twinspiration: Real-Life Advice from Pregnancy through the First Years and Beyond (c. 2016, Taylor Trade), Cheryl's twin-centric family perspectives have appeared in a wide array of print, web, and broadcast media including: USAToday, Good Housekeeping,, TWINS, Pregnancy,, People’s Celebrity Baby Blog, as well as her own blog of over a decade, When she’s not working or expounding upon the joy-filled adventures of twin parenting, Cheryl’s a docent at VMFA and is active in her church and book club. Above all else, she prefers basking in leisurely time with her dreamy husband, Scott, and their teen twins, Darren and Sarah.

In Support of Substantial Screentime

Summer screams for screentime. And maybe you should just let it happen. The underdog has always been the recipient of my support. Sometimes due to sympathy, and sometimes due to empathy. Most frequently, just because...

Arts Museums ARE Children’s Museums – Tips for Family Fun with Fine Art

Did you know Richmond’s Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) is widely regarded as not only one of the best museums in the country, but one of the finest in the world? Right in...

Full Family Flu: Parenting through Sagas of Sickness

Remember the ad campaign with the tagline, “I haven’t got time for the pain”? Never does that line ring truer than when you are caregiver for ill and utterly dependent children. How can Mommy manage...

Enough Excuses

Dulled by repetition, we hear the news with only semi-surprised horror. We see the all-too-regular imagery of children hiding under their desks and running from their school. We see the families hugging---some in relief, others...
I Take My Kids to McDonald's - Richmond Mom's Blog

I Take My Kids to McDonald’s

No apologies. Zero shame. Nary a compulsion to “resolve” not to — so no breaking of superficial resolutions on this “National Ditch Resolutions Day!” Every Sunday morning before church, I take my kids to McDonald's. Following...
Parenting at the Polls

Parenting at the Polls: 10 Lessons Your Kids Can Learn

Whomever your candidate(s), whichever your party, whatever your issues of import, please use Election Day as an opportunity to share with your children—and remind yourself of—the incredible gift of living in the United States...

Hold Tightly to the Horror

Waking up on the first fall-ish school morning in RVA, and there it is on Morning Joe---news of the now-deadliest shooting in U.S. history. Sometime after 10pm, on a Sunday night, a lone shooter with...