Bunny Young is the proud mother of five year old Ryann Grace, whom her family affectionately calls “Rocky”. She is also Chairwoman of Pawssible Service Dog Connection and the Founder & President of A Better Place Consulting. Bunny is extremely grateful for the experience of motherhood after suffering four miscarriages prior to being blessed with Rocky and has been a volunteer with the March of Dimes since going into preterm labor at just 28 weeks. Bunny has lived in China and volunteered in Ecuador—experiences which were eye- opening and humbling for her.
What I Told my Daughter About Charlottesville

What I Told My Daughter About Charlottesville

My daughter was eating breakfast, and I had the news on. They were reporting on the aftermath that happened in Charlottesville, and experts were commenting. The words hate, discrimination, racist, evil, and people kept...
The Day I Needed a "Safe Word" for My Child

The Day I Needed a “Safe Word” for My Child

Last Sunday was undeniably the worst day yet of my parenting career. My husband was away on military duty, and my family was in town. So we took the girls down to Colonial Williamsburg to...
The Divorce That Saved My Marriage

The Divorce That Saved My Marriage

I was done. I quit. I believe the exact terminology used was, “We're done! There's nothing you can do. I'm divorcing you. Your daughter is living with me, and you can come see her, but I'm...
Don't Forget Your Fur Babies

Don’t Forget About Your Fur Babies

Having kids is one of life’s greatest miracles and blessings. It brings with it a whole new lifestyle and responsibilities that often take over most of our days and even nights. This can leave our...
Father's Day for the Father-To-Be

Father’s Day for the Father-To-Be

I recently wished a friend of ours who is expecting a “Happy Mother’s Day.” She responded with a confused look and stated, “I am not a mom yet.” This conversation was then taken up with...
I'm That Kind of Mom

That Kind of Mom {The “Learn Lessons the Hard Way” Kind of Mom}

My husband and I were on our first extended vacation in 6 years without our daughter when he decided he wanted to play a game of dodge ball with some other adults. I (being 6...
Thanks to the Women Who Supported This Momma's Return to Work

Thanks to the Women Who Supported this Momma’s Return to Work

I have two daughters. That means that twice now, I've done what I refer to as the “maternity leave mambo.” I battled internally and emotionally with these questions:: What kind of childcare could we...

The Book That Saved My Marriage

To say that I was the most religious of individuals when I got married would be an exaggeration, to say the least. But before we were married, my husband and I did see a...

I Was the Daughter-in-law From Hell: How My Mother-in-law and I Called a Truce

  After our first date, my now husband looked at me in the parking lot and said, “Do you want to meet my parents?” That isn’t the craziest part. That comes when I responded, “Sure.”...

You Know Better than Your Doctor…Kinda: How to Have an Empowered Birth

I wanted an empowered birth. I was 39 weeks and due January 18th. On Friday, January 13th, I went to the doctor for an appointment. After the exam, he told me I was dilated. If I...