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Brandi Bovell


A new first – THRUSH!

Thrush!  When you are a mom of 3, many times you think that you have been through most of your “firsts.” But a few weeks ago I encountered another one that wasn’t as amazing as...

Hey Kitten, let’s talk about your kitten!

Ok girls, let’s be honest here! Outside of your annual with your gynecologist, how much thought do you put into your vaginal health? The vagina, called yoni in Sanskrit, loosely translated to mean “sacred...
You need more Daisies

You need more daisies this season!

Moms let's face it, by baby number two we are all feeling a little saggy around the eyes, dull and plain when we look in the mirror, and our dimples have become "laugh lines."...
Social Distancing

What will become of Generation Z’s immune system?

As we navigate through daily life in this pandemic, what some are trademarking as our “new normal” (I despise those words, and want to throat-punch whoever says it, every time), I worry greatly for...