Becca is Mechanicsville mom who claims Lousiana and Virginia as home. She is living proof that life has a funny way of changing you…especially when kids come around! Becca and her husband, Chad, experienced dating and falling in love for the first time together, and tied the knot one year after meeting. In 2015 she switched out Science Centers and lessons plans for a career as a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant. Now the owner of Little Z's Sleep Consulting she is passionate about helping tired families find healthy sleep. On the weekends you can catch Becca, her husband and two daughters exploring parks and making homemade pizza every Sunday night.
Moving to a Big Kid Bed

{Dear Sleep Deprived Mama} Moving to a Big Kid Bed

Dear Sleep Deprived Mama, I see you over there looking at Target's new fall line of bedding and pillows. You're so excited to move your child from a crib to a big kid bed. And...
My Preschooler Has Homework

My Preschooler Has Homework

Y'all. As a first-time preschooler mom, when we received my daughter's Welcome Packet for Preschool, I was beyond excited! "IT'S A LETTER FROM YOUR TEACHER!" I screamed to my daughter, as if Elsa herself...
3 Ways to Maintain Friendships

3 Ways to Maintain Friendships In the Midst of Motherhood

I'm a firm believer that friendships, when they are mutually beneficial, are one of life’s sweetest ways of filling your soul with happiness. But being a busy mom and a great friend is pretty...
Aldi, A Love Sonet

A Sonnet to Aldi

I grab the bags, a stray quarter, and smile happily while your doors welcome me inside My girls sneak snacks in the buggy, but I’ll never know the difference Because your costs keep my bill so...
There is no magic solution.

Three Sleep Products That Actually Work!

Dear Sleep Deprived Mama, I totally understand. You're feeling overwhelmed by friend's and family's suggestions. You're inundated with information on "How to help your baby sleep." You're feeling like you've tried everything but nothing is...
Vacation Debt

Struggling With Vacation Debt…Sleep Debt, That Is

Dear Sleep Deprived Mama, So you've gone on vacation, made memories, and sunk into debt…Sleep Debt that is! The hard truth to any vacation ending is that reality comes back...and quick! You thought being back in...
Breaking the Cycle: Mommy Always Says Yes

Mommy Always Says Yes (Breaking the Cycle)

My husband didn’t take it personally. Our 2.5-year-old toddler said, “I don’t like my Daddy.” Not just once or twice, but three days straight of Daddy Dislike. I was the only one a bit hurt. I...
Four Travel Tips from a Sleep Professional

Four Travel Tips {From a Sleep Professional}

If you followed me for even one moment on Instagram, you’ve heard me say this phrase every day on vacation:  TRAVELING WITH KIDS IS NO JOKE.  I like to consider my husband and I pretty go-with-the-flow people....

Pain-Free and Empowered: Becca’s Epidural Stories

Before I even had one child, I thought I wanted four. This was obviously influenced by my love of Parenthood.  After we had our first, it changed to, “Let's have 3 by 30.” And now that we...

How to Potty Train in 30 Days (or more)

If there's one thing I've learned in motherhood, it's that what works well for others will probably not work for you. I've heard wonderful stories of diaper-to-undies in one weekend. But why potty train...